A New Thing

Hey! I'm Taylor, although most people just call me Tay. As you can see, I've made a few changes to my website + it is not all about Updo Gypsy anymore. I used to have this solely for the purpose of my business and while that is still obviously a major part of my life and my website, I wanted there to be other elements to the site.

One of the major changes I made around here was adding a blog. Yes, I used to have a blog that some of you still ask me to post on (and maybe I will get back to it someday...) but instead of hair + makeup tutorials and tips, I'm changing my focus onto the things of my heart. Jesus puts so many thoughts and ideas into my mind and has had this kind of blog stuck in my head for well over a year now, so here we go!

I’ve had the thoughts more times than I can explain… "Why should I start a blog? Nobody is going to read my words… So many other people are already blogging about these topics, what more could I say? You’ll never reach as many people, there’s already a million christian writers… speakers… bloggers… You're not even qualified to write."

But today, I decided that even if only one person reads my blog and is changed or challenged or led to think deeper than before, then it IS worth my time. God can use me to reach somebody and since he has had this on my heart for so long, it must be because somebody needs to hear from me about HIS love. So I will apologize in advance because I didn’t go to school to write & I am not the smartest person, but I will write for Him and spell out the words that He has spoken to my heart until my fingers fall off. Here’s to more random thoughts and heart to hearts with Jesus spilled out into the internet… Talk to you soon,

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